el graphic is a creative partnership between mike alway and doug cheeseman set up to originate designs for the music industry in europe, america and asia. doug is graphic designer with a background in publishing, music and web design. mike's career details are as follows:

the soft boys manager
concert promotions at venues in richmond surrey

cherry red records-a&r-art direction-press-international
tracey thorn, ben watt, everything but the girl, felt, monochrome set, marine girls, fantastic something etc

pillows & prayers budget priced compilation sells 750,000 copies and resides at number one in uk independent charts for record 36 consecutive weeks
instigated first independent re-issue programme-
can, neu, tv's avengers-patrick mcnee & honor blackman,john barry seven

blanco y negro-co-founder with geoff travis of rough trade through wea
everything but the girl, sudden sway, fantastic something, berntholer, monochrome set

el records-founder-art director
would-be-goods, bad dream fancy dress, king of luxembourg ,momus, shock headed peters, vic godard, marden hill, louis philippe, anthony adverse etc
(label influential on shibuya scene in japan-cornelius, kahimi karie,pizzicato five etc)

football book publications 'shot' & 'this is soccer'
with doug cheeseman for 'when saturday comes'

football film 'brazil 70-the sexiest kick-off'-co-directed with douglas hart for bbc tv
football film 'bend it!' co-directed with douglas hart for trattoria sound tokyo
football song compilations 'bend it!' and 'flair' for exotica and confection

songs for the jet set compilations (three volumes)
death by chocolate (first album reaches number two on usa cmj200)
david candy (with make-up vocalist ian svenonius), margo guryan, orson welles,loveletter

reverie children's label through siesta of madrid-founder
algebra spaghetti & simultaneous ice-cream,dream drops compilations
lollipop train,maria napoleon,mild euphoria

el graphic co-founded with doug cheeseman
poptones art direction